Veracruz Carnival

Veracruz is well known for its traditional Carnival and friendly people. It is celebrated once a year, nine days before the Catholic period of Lent. Carnival started out as a religious festival during colonial times and later was celebrated to aid charitable causes. Nowadays, it is a display of happiness and enthusiasm, for the people from the port of Veracruz.

Before the parades there are many other celebrations, such as the "Quema del Mal Humor" (Burning of Bad Temper), the coronation of the carnival's Queen, the King of Happiness, and the Child King and Queen. After these inaugurations are complete the stage is set for the main event, the huge colorful party known as "Carnival". During the following days the whole city becomes a party with entertainment day and night. On the final day it is tradition to perform the entertaining parody of the burial of "Juan Carnaval", marking the end of Carnival.

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Carnival is a big party consisting of 6 colorful parades, which take place along the promenade where crowds of people dance with joy in groups called "Comparsas". Brightly colored, elaborately decorated floats, created by the "Jarochos" (the name for people from the port of Veracruz), pass by with people in fantastic costumes playing music, singing and dancing. Thousands of visitors come from the different states of Mexico to enjoy this exuberant party.